Mark Learns Friends Raised Money To Replace His Stolen PS4


Mark was devastated that his PS4 got stolen right before Fallout 4 was released. Then this happened. When his friends raised some money to buy him a new Playstation 4.

This is what his friend Jordan said:

Our mate, Mark, got burgled on the day we were heading away for a week to go play Fallout 4. We ran around and found him a PS4 to borrow, but really he needed his own for save games sake.

So a bunch of us got together, put together some money, and tricked him into coming to Noel Leeming to get a new one. He thought we were there to get a HDMI to VGA cable so we could watch him play on a projector, and voi la.

Now finally mark can enjoy Fallout 4:)

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