Man Uses Wheelchair As Snowplow And Helps The Neighbourhood.

veteran wheelchair snowplow

Most people complain when another thick layer of snow lies for their home, but a man from the US Nebraska knows how to deal with it. He uses his wheelchair to the streets in his hometown of snow.

3pNADhD-ImgurWar veteran Justin Anderson transformed his transport in a usable snowplow, including winter tires. In his own words he does the little work because he wants to give something back to all those who assisted him during the difficult time in Iraq and the cancer that he received afterwards.

I also do not want children slipping in the snow and possibly injure themselves’

Justin insists that it’s aid is not seen as a way to gain recognition, but his duty.
“It’s very satisfying. It’s nice to know that you are appreciated, but if even though no one would thank me, I’d keep doing it.” Sounds like a true hero.

Check out the video:

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