Mark Thompson/BNPS.

No, this is not a ring that was used for the filming of Game of Thrones although it would be already quite cool. But the story behind this gem is even better. Mark Thompson was in Sherwood Forest, England, with this medieval ring that is worth up to 70,000 pounds.

With his sharp eye and annoying squeak of his metal detector he finds the centuries-old ring. Luckily he didn’t saw it for cheap junk from the fair because the ring appears to be from the 14th century. After he had scraped the mud from all the gold, the huge blue sapphire emerged.

Mark picked up the treasure hunting as a hobby alongside his work as a spray painter, he never expected that he be so fortunate as his quest. Experts estimate the value of
£20,000 with a possible peak at £70,000. This ring can be called precious.

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