Chargers for Apple Watch come in all shapes and sizes, but the LIFT is a very special charger.

lift-levitating-charger-0The device lets you charge your Apple Watch while it floats and the associated company’s Kickstarter campaign is a huge success. The makers of Lift launched the campaign through Kickstarter on July 28 and already achieved the goal of $ 44,000 after three days.
The lift looks really cool, it also has some additional features.

lift-levitating-smartwatch-charger-3You can also use it as a powerbank an associated charging station. It allows you to charge at least twice your smartwatch watch battery while you’re on the move.
LIFT is also a good charger for your iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the iPhone and iPad are unable to float.

Finally, you can use LIFT as a lamp. For this you just need to buy the special ‘Lift + Orb package’. This package for a simple lamp is a bit pricey.

Check out the video

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