Lexus is normally best known for their luxury cars that are also equipped with the necessary power. The LC500 is a good example which rises towards the Lexus luxury, speed and comfort.

It seems that the Japanese brand is to tap new markets in the world of luxury yachts.
The idea for a Lexus-boat would have risen when the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, tried one of Toyota’s boats. A luxury version would catch better, he expected to go early and Akio Lexus to work to produce something to be desired.

Credits – Lexus
Credits – Lexus

Lexus presented their beautiful concept with the name Lexus Sport Yacht. The concept seems very futuristic and must demonstrate the Lexus vision in the field of luxury and sporting yachts.

Credits – Lexus

The shape is sporty, stylish and there are many useful electronic gadgets built to always reach the destination. The boat looks great, now only some ladies to keep you company on this raft and you can sail. The vessel will have to go into production in the future, even though there is production date known.

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