Kevin From ‘Home Alone’ Is Chain-Smoking Taxi Driver.

McauleyCulkin Still HomeAlone

Kevin, the cute boy from Home Alone, was twenty-five years ago during the Christmas holidays left home alone. So many years later, his trauma is still not over.

The smoking taxi driver Kevin still trying to make something of his life, but his passengers have decided not expect a joyful ride. Trauma In fact, they can drive themselves, because he can not. And watch out that you do not start about his mother, because then all the pain and misery from then will come up again, because how can you as parents forget the cutest boy in the universe on your holiday?

giphyOkay, this is not a true story, but an episode of the new online series DRYVRS.
The series creator, Jack Dishel, get’s in a different taxi each time with a new famous driver, in the first episode that is movie character Kevin McCallister from Home Alone.
He catches criminals Just like twentyfive years ago, the role of Kevin is played by Macaulay Culkin.

Meanwhile, the actor is 35, looks a bit worse than it was then, but he can still catch criminals like the best. enjoyable, this mini-series.

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