Kangaroo Provide Veterans Home A Smile.

Therapy kangaroo

The William E. Christoffersen Veterans Home in Salt Lake City runs a number of animals around to cheer up residents. One of the animals is very special: Charlie, a kangaroo.

He knows when to put a smile on everyone’s face” said an employee at KUTV.
Charlie does not matter how a person looks or how someone behaves, he is always with his heart out of love.

Beside Charlie there are also dogs and cats around the home to give the elderly veterans a little joy. They do this by ‘be’ purely for the elderly, which the beasts are pampering.

Especially with resident Bernie Kindred and the Kangaroo has a good band. The two came about the same time a year ago, up in the shelter. Meanwhile, there arose a close friendship. “He’s great, I love him. He often comes to my room and then we eat together licorice”.

Charlie is just over a year old and is currently so small. He is expected to grow more significantly. The animal weighs 13 kilos, but will be about 56 kilos. That means Charlie, unfortunately for the residents, will not always stay with the veterans.

Check out the video:

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