Justin Bieber Seeks Instagram Girl

justin bieber mystery girl instagram

Here’s a fun story to share with anyone who tells you that selfies are waste of time. Justin Bieber went on Instagram recently to post a photo of this young girl with green eyes.

Justin Bieber: “Omg who is this!!”

So basically Justin was sitting on a throne and saw her on instagram, he was like: “Yes, this pleases me, fetch her for me”. While he ate caviar with one hand and peed to a bucket with the other.

The believers, started to search immediately and discovered her identity. Her name is actually, Cindy Kimberly. And she posted her pictures under Wolfiecindy for over 100,000 followers.

Cindy’s Instagram is a regular s morgues board of content. Sometimes she posts selfies, sometimes it’s arty photos of people who’ve been struck by lightning. Occasional picture of her picking her nose and whatever this is.

Instagram: Wolfiecindy

There’s also someone who post under the name “WolfieCindyReal” who has twice as many followers and keeps her account private. So it’s possible that this could be a fake Cindy.

Either way her comments had been totally overrun with Justin fans, trying to help him find her. Some people are like: “Yeah, get her, get her! It’s a beautiful love story” and other will be like: “I’m gonna murder you”.

Justin fan, comments…

It’s possible her English was not her perfect hit at school. And some are just getting really random on Twitter, for example @Befourbeat


I’m sorry for your potato, we all feel potatoes sometimes. The answer here is just that, some people look like that and the rest of us, not like that. We don’t know yet if Cindy minds the extra attention. But, some fans are pointed out that there seems to be a drawing of Justin Bieber on her bedroom wall.

@Kidrauhlsclaim tweet: “Guys look behind Cindy Kimberly’s head it’s a drawing of Justin”

And other people, like me unfortunately are also speculating that is all some giant roots to try and get Selena Gomez feel jealous. Justin posted this photo of them couple a days ago.

justin-selena And Selena Gomez and Hiall Horan of One Direction has been seen making out hardcore like all over town. So yes, we do feel a little guilty for going all access on 1001 trending today. But we don’t decide the trends, the trends come to us.

So what do you think, would go out with Justin Bieber?

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