Justin Bieber Returns on Carpool Karaoke Part 2′ with James Corden

landscape  justin bieber car karaoke

James Corden and Justin Bieber are back at it again with a Carpool Karaoke part 2.
They start off with ‘Never say never’ including the hi notes from James.

Suddenly at the traffic light’s a paparazzi pops up out of nowhere, to make a picture of the two in the car.

Is that just a regular person or a paparazzi ?

I feel like you have a different look ? Justin; I just feel like i should take you shopping honestly.

After signing ‘What do you mean?’ Justin takes James for a surprising makeover shopping at his favorite store.
The two are picking up clothes for each other which is very hilarious, James ends up in clothes what Justin likes and Justin ends up in a what James says “I’ve picked Justin out what i think the next progression should be’

With the highlight of the interview a nervously James asks, how he feels about what he likes to call the ‘Whole Justin’ picture? Justin answers;

It definitely felt very invasive. It’s funny to joke about it now because what else can you do? So you’ve got to just laugh about it,” Justin replies.
But when I first saw the picture it was covered – it had the censorship on it. So I’m like, ‘Oh my god I don’t know – I could have just come out of the water. I could have had shrinkage.

I was so nervous at this point so I finally find the unedited thing and I’m like… I’m still p**sed because there’s shrinkage.

Watch the full video:


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