Jamie Foxx Saves Man From Burning Car.

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Jamie Foxx is not only a good actor and a meritorious singer, he is also a hero.
He rescued Tuesday a man from a burning car and saved his life.

The Ray-actor, whose real name is Eric Bishop, immediately went into action when there took a serious accident place near his home in Los Angeles. The car caught fire but Foxx did not hesitate. “He ran straight to the car” said the spokesman of the actor in front of ABC News.

jamie-foxx-800According to the police, which further mentions no names, a 32 -year-old driver from an unknown cause drove into a ditch after the vehicle rolled over several times and land on the head and caught fire. “Two witnesses were nearby and ran to the burning car lying upside down. They did everything to free the driver from the wreck” police said in a statement.

The victim was brought to the hospital with severe burns. It is not known whether Foxx has sustained injuries in the rescue effort.

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