Jackie Chan is the world’s most famous Chinese actor. And he rightfully owns that title because of all those stunts nobody can recreate. But he has had a lot of help over the years from a loyal stunt team. In a Chinese TV show Jackie was reunited with the men and that caused a lot of tears.

Last year the 62-year-old actor received an honorary Oscar in recognition of his career. While Jackie Chan is in the studio of the state television program, he will see a video message in which his old stunt colleagues praised, talking about him.
Moments later the old stuntteam walks into the studio, which he had not expected.

The video tells about Jackie and his old stunt team and the good times they had together. It also were dangerous times because the stunts were often performed all by themselves and recorded in one take. Today, there are various possibilities with computers and animation which makes it all easier.

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