Wednesday Apple showed its traditional keynote presentation and introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And as for months as it was predicted, the world’s best-known electronics maker removed its newest flagships traditional phone jack or headphone plug input.

Who wants to connect headphones should buy one that fits the Lightning jack of the iPhone, the connector that most used only to recharge the device. If iPhone users want to keep their old headphones, they have to use an adapter that Apple provides by default with its new smartphones.

3b6xsy8aoyml_wd640By removing the old headphone jack, the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus made room for a second speaker, so the devices now actually produce a stereo sound. According to Schiller the Lightning jack provides a better sound because the digital audio signal no longer needs to first be converted to an analog signal.

Apple’s new flagship also gets a completely new camera that also makes in low light conditions excellent pictures. The iPhone 7 is also water and shock resistant. The base model now comes with 32GB of storage on board instead of a very meager 16GB.

In total, the iPhone renewed on ten points. Success depends much on the phone because its worldwide smartphone sales slumped this year. Moreover Samsung performs with its Galaxy S7 better on the market. Apple sold last quarter, “only” 40 million iPhones ,the lowest number in two years.

“This is the best iPhone we’ve ever made”

Together with the iPhone 7 is also iOS 10, the new version of Apple’s operating system.


The lack of a headphone jack provides an opportunity to load on wireless headphones.
As beautiful, but with 159 dollars expensive, blue tooth earpods.
The carrying case is also a charger.

sj3xutua27mk_wd640Another highlight of the evening is the successor to Apple’s smart watch.
The Apple Watch 2 gets GPS, a faster processor and is waterproof up to 50 meters.
The iPhone-maker’s lowered the first version of the Watch in price to boost disappointing sales. Together with Nike running version was also shown. Apple also presented a
Super Mario game for the iPhone, while Pokémon Go now comes on the smartwatch.

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