Homeless Man From Colorado Wins $500,000 On A Lottery

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And a homeless man is the latest big winner the Colorado state lottery. Michael Engfors, 61 who is been homeless for more than 6 years, has won a $500,000 dollars on a scratch-off card.

People at the homeless shelter were saying, it couldn’t happened to a more positive person. And now he says to plan buy a home, a new pare of skies, but most importantly go visit the daughter, he last saw a more than 20 years ago.

Engfors spent one last weekend sleeping on the floor of St. Mary Catholic Church before the shelter’s director drove him to the lottery office in Grand Junction on Monday, Kowalis said.

“Michael has seen a bottom that has pushed him right to the edge,” Kowalis told KUSA. “But Michael never gave up. He knew that if he kept pushing on, eventually his luck would change.”

We wish him all the best and we are very happy for him! 🙂

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