Imagine: you are 25 years homeless. You might not look very neat after a while. The 55-year-old José Antonio in Palma de Mallorca didn’t either. The local barber thought that this was a sin, and therefore gave him a makeover.

That there lurked a nice man in José, was found after his total makeover. New shirt,
red pants, leather strap, but especially: a hairstyle where most men will envy.
For where the makeover started with a wild gray hairy man, he finished with a stylish coupe and hipster beard.

José Antonio © La Salvajería.

José wasn’t allowed to see his new look until it was finished. He was clearly emotional.

“It’s great, I do not recognize myself”

The barber knew José because he helped motorists everyday to find a parking spot at a cafe. When they were gone, he watched the cars and received a fee for that. After the makeover José himself went for a beer at the same cafe. Nobody recognized him, and there were even women who seemed to have a crush on him.

The video was already made in 2015 and were now made public for the three-year anniversary of the salon. It is still going well with Jose. He got help, lives again in a house and is now looking for a job. Jose: “It was not just a makeover, it changed my whole life.”

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