Since January 1, 2017 legal in California: weed. A creative someone therefore decided last night to do something one of the most famous spots of the state: the Hollywood sign near Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

After a night he made the letters no longer to the word Hollywood, but Hollyweed.
It is still unknown who is behind the action, but the police says they are going catch the offender, since there is a surveillance video. The perpetrator has not been identified yet, but it would appear that he worked alone, reports TMZ.

People responded. A part called the action “brilliant,” while there are people who place the action among the ‘vandalism’. However, it is not that there is a piece of the ‘o’ is carved. There is simply folded a dark blanket over the place, but from a distance, you do not see that. Meanwhile, repairs have already begun.

It is not the first time that this joke was removed. Exactly 41 years ago, it happened already. Whether the perpetrator of back then would have thought that “weed” would ever be legal in Hollywood and surrounding areas, seems unlikely.

Check out the video

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