Hate Ironing And Folding? The FoldiMate Does It For You !


It sounds too good to be true: a device that does your clothing smooth, and also folds. Yet that is exactly what the creators promise of FoldiMate.

The FoldiMate is a robot that irons and folds your laundry. All you have to do is (dry) the laundry suspended on special barges wash and the machine does the rest of the job, he steams your clothes and fold it up. The device allows up to 15 pieces of clothing at a time.

The only downside to the FoldiMate is that it only works with shirts, sweaters, dresses, so basically everything with sleeves. Trousers, towels, underwear and bed linen, all without sleeves is not able to process it through the machine.

Inexpensive the FoldiMate is not. The device costs about $800. It is not yet on the market, through crowdfunding you can support the project.

Check out the video 


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