Guys Can Have Periods Too

guys period

In each sex education seminar in each college within the Western world, teenagers square measure tutored that throughout time of life, boys and women expertise profound secretion changes that set them on the road to adulthood.

Boys get pubes and dangerous moustaches, and women bleed out of a hole in their bodies and, in keeping with dangerous jokes in sexist 70s sitcoms and in smart Laughs’s stupid mouth, become irrational banshees for a few week. however did you recognize that men endure intensive secretion changes too? in all probability not, because it doesn’t abundant work with the stiff-upper-lip, man’s world easy lay Power magazine plan of what a person ought to be.

If you subscribe that conception of the planet then a person ought to be one thing sort of a cross between The exterminator and character, a inflexible nonetheless charming, unfeeling man-robot United Nations agency would ne’er betray any feeling, at the same time as he downs heat liquor straight from the bottle whereas having a posttraumatic stress disorder meltdown fully-clothed within the shower.

Science, however, reckons that the concept that men square measure cold automatons United Nations agency aren’t set by their hormones is rather botch up. In short, men (kind of) have periods too!


Men’s Testosterone Levels Fluctuate On An Hourly Basis

Here comes the science: Testosterone is the principal sex hormone for males and promotes things like sexual characteristics, such as muscles and bone mass.

But getting down to brass tacks – What’s the matter with you? Is it your time of the hour? Feel free to throw this at your mate or boyfriend next time he’s on his ‘meriod’ as it’s possible for testosterone levels to fluctuate wildly, even over the course of an hour, rendering the most steely-eyed man’s man a hormonal mess by scientific default. Anyone who has ever read Mario Balotelli’s Twitter can attest to this.

Men Have Higher Testosterone Levels In The Morning Than At Night

If you’re feeling a bit fed up and tired in the evening, it might not be because work was a new kind of hell or Man United lost, it could be because your testosterone levels are taking a bit of a dip. Research says that men experience adaily testosterone cycle and that levels will reach their lowest in early evening, making you feel tired and irritable. That same research suggests, however, that the levels don’t drop significantly enough to prevent men from still getting a horn on and having energetic sex, thankfully. So you can try saying “my testosterone’s a bit low tonight love” if you’re trying to get out of having sex, but it probably won’t work.


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