Guy Rides With Nearly 100 km/h On A Electric Longboard On A Runway, Breaks The World Record And Falls Down.


If you like to more than 120 km/h to rage on a board with four small wheels on the asphalt you’ll balls of steel or a mental problem. Mischo Erban is such a guy with balls of steel. He has made an art to pop off with absurd speed of a mountain. Nobody is on a longboard faster than this guy and he clapped once with 130 km/h from a mountain.

With that record in his pocket, he decided to broaden his horizons and go for another record. He traveled to Slovenia to test a new longboard there on an abandoned airfield.
The special feature of this board is that it is equipped with an electro motor.
In this so-called Next Board he flew with just over 95 km/h on the runway and that was, fast enough for a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

Check out the video:

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