“Gorilla Jambo Saved My Life”

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“I am forever grateful Jambo. It is clear that the two sides could have gone on. It’s great that he has protected me. “So says Levan Merritt, a man nearly thirty years ago as a boy in the residence of a gorilla was attacked, but survived. Thanks to a gorilla.

It was on August 30, 1986 Levan paid a visit to the zoo in Jersey. It was a visit that he would never forget, and that changed his life. So he feels forever involved to the zoo.
In the years after the incident, he returned several times and he was committed to the realization of a statue of the gorilla.

What happened on that fateful day in 1986 ? His mother Pauline remembers it like it was yesterday, “When he slipped and ended up in the staying, I began to scream and shout.
I was taken to the zoo’s café, while my husband Stephen stayed to help.

305A0A0500000578-3406830-image-a-15_1453291429483Levan was lying unconscious in the residence while a number of hungry monkeys walked around him. But luckily there was Jambo, the gorilla who watch and prevented one of the monkeys would do something to the little boy.
I saw the next day just what had happened. One of the sisters had seen it on TV breakfast and asked us if we had seen the pictures. That was the first time I saw it and I remember I could not believe my eyes” said Pauline.

Levan climbed on a wall of the gorilla enclosure and felt six meters down.
In addition, he broke his arm and he suffered a skull fracture. Spectators then saw the giant silverback Jambo approached the boy and stroked his back. The gorilla was able to keep the other monkeys away from Levan, after the rescue workers could enter the residence and save little Levan.

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