Glitter Cushion Makes The Internet Going Nuts.

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This video about a glitter cushion is in the lead, within three days, viewed almost thirty million times. The big question is… Why?

The “miraculous” glitter pillow is so extraordinary, because you can draw patterns on it. Nice. That was also the American journalist Steve Noviello Fox 4 who discovered the cushion in a furniture store in Nebraska. But the video he made of it, he certainly had not expected as much views it would create. I’ve been working for almost twenty years as a journalist and at home I have six Emmys, he wrote on Facebook. And now it appears that the most viewed video I ‘ve ever made, and probably also in my career, is a video about a cushion…

Also you might be impressed by this decorative pillow and you will want to get it at home, then you have to look deep into your pockets. It will cost you at around one hundred fifty dollars!? The cushion keeps tempers on social media quite busy:

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