Girl Takes Her Clothes Off For Money

golddigger prank money best

The best gold digger prank. When a girl gets approached and the guy asks her to take her clothes off. He offers her first 50 dollars and she refuses.

If you’re a girl, would you do the same what you’re about to see in the video? Well gold diggers videos are a common thing. You have bottle diggers, the girls who want to chill with you in the club, while leeching alcohol from your bottle. You have people who just love money and do anything for it.

The girl looks at the money and starts to think…

Watch what happens when he offers her 200 dollars. She does what nobody will expect and does something really crazy. Watch the video below:

Vitaly did the same thing with a famous prank in the world. Offering a girl to go to a dinner and gets refused. What happens next, you’ll be surprised.

Watch the Vitaly’s video here: Vitaly pranks a girl with his lambo!

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