Girl Gets Knocked Out By Flying Fish.

Flying Fish

British Aimee was visiting Barry Island in South Wales when there was a heavy storm going on, when she was suddenly hit in the face by a fish that was launched by the raging sea.

Aimee was with her colleague Craig filming for their YouTube channel Kinging-it, when the fish was thrown by the sea in her face. The vlogger posted the video online a couple of days ago.

When you try to vlog and get hit by a fish

Some people are wondering if the video hasn’t been put in scene. Colleague Craig posted on Facebook that everything goes well with Aimee. “Thanks for all the support this week, guys. Aimee ‘s face is still a little sore, but she can handle it.” he wrote.

Check out the video below:

Check the alternative version of the “flying fish” with a beat:

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