Girl does 100 layers of shirts and is eventually crying cause she can’t take them off. Wearing those clothes was a bad idea.

When your parents leave the house and you decide to accept the challenge of 100 layers of clothes. Realizing that you can’t take them off. This happend to the poor girl who though she can wear all 100 layers of shirts.

There were all kind of stupid challenges like ICE Bucket challenge. But this goes way to far cause scientist say people can go panic and even suffocate if they’re having a panic attack. Crying after 100 layers of clothes on your body can cause stress and hyperventilation.

According to our source, this girl Andrea┬áhad nobody at home. When her friends challenged to wear 100 layers, she thought it wasn’t a bad idea. Eventually ┬áher friend came and saved her, while her parents were at work.


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