Giant Squid Filmed Off The Japanese Coast.

japan giant squid orig  full

During his visit to the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan the rare giant squid was captured on video. A fisherman saw the 3.7 meter beast swim between a number of ships in port.

“It is the first time we saw such a large squid alive in this place”

Said Tatsuya Wakasugi, one of the managers of the harbor.
The presence of squid in the three meter deep water is striking: normally these animals swimming about 650 meters below sea level, according to the National Museum of Nature and Science in the Japanese capital Tokyo. According administrator Wakasugi there are several giant squid seen in the Bay of Toyama, but they were all dead or nearly dead after they had become entangled in fishing nets.

The squid caught by fishermen are usually dead and their skin color is often made white. The body of the swimming giant squid was red,

So it was highly unusual that this animal paid a visit to the Japanese marina.
Check out the giant creature:

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