Fotokite – Drone That’s Safe And Easy To Use

fotokite drone

Meet Sergei Lupashin, Fotokite founder of a revolutionary product. His goal is simple, making filming in the air easy and safe.


You’ve probably seen many drone projects by now already. What’s different this time, it’s the tether… Unlike the original drone, there a no pilots in, no smartphones, no joysticks and no GPS. This thing is a clever no-thrills air camera.

Fotokite Drone

The technology comes from one of the worlds leading aero robotic research group, here in Switzerland. They actually already used this technology to build their first product, the Fotokite Pro. It’s used in broadcast and journalism today. With that experience, they set out to build, something a bit compact and affordable.

Watch the following introduction video:

To buy the Fotokite Phi, go to this shop

The price of this product is $349.00 excl. VAT Enjoy! 😉

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