Fontus Is A Bottle Which Fills Itself With Water.

fontus water bottle

Fontus is a remarkable bottle which is capable of the moisture in the air to be converted to potable water. A very helpful feature for specific countries or industrious bikers.

hnSsGXbThe device must fasten to the frame of your bike. Then, on the basis of condensation air is converted to water. This water is filtered and then collected in a bottle. It’s an interesting invention for anyone who cycles a lot, and it is also environmentally friendly. The invention may very well be useful in areas where it is very warm, and water is very scarce, but the air is very humid.

Merely by cycling around, water can be generated so relatively effortless and perfectly drinkable. In humid areas you can collect about half a liter of water in half an hour time.
This is an invention of designer Kristof Retezar, the unit is yet not for sale.
Currently only developed a proof-of-concept.

Check out the cool video:

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