Finally A Hoverboard That Really Flies.


Arca Space shows a new hoverboard. Unlike other similar inventions,  the Arcaboard does indeed fly on all types of terrain. According to the makers even water would not be any problem.

The ArcaBoard looks like a rectangular block , which contains a series of small turbines and batteries. Which generate a power of 272HP together and the Board should float about 30 centimeters high. Steering is possible on a remote control or via the movement of your body weight.

The device speeds up to 20 kilometers per hour,  but just six minutes of fun to remain in the air and it will needs six hours before it is recharged.
It may be possible in 35 minutes, but the special charger does cost some extra 4,100 euros. The ArcaBoard itself at a cost of 18,000 euros, not exactly cheap.
Other devices with the designation hoverboard actually have wheels, or only work on a special surface with magnets.
Arca Space that actually builds rockets and other devices for space, is pretty sure that they can deliver ‘the real deal’ in April 2016.

Check out the futuristic video:

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