Finn Jumps Without a Parachute From an Air balloon.

zonder parachute

Think Parachuting is exciting? Well this Finnish stuntman Antti Pendikainen does something much more exciting !

Antti durst to jump without a parachute from a hot air balloon, and eventually land unscratched on the ground, with a little help of course.

Just parachuting was apparently not exciting enough for the Finnish stuntman.
Antii wanted to experience a free fall with the least ‘baggage’ possible.
And not just from an airplane which has been done before, but from a balloon.

The stunt is from last summer, but the impressive video has just yet hit the internet.
At the time of the jump the balloon was on a altitude of four kilometers.
The free fall lasted a total of 40 seconds.
Check out how the Finn lands with both feet without a parachute on safe ground.

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