Dutch Cops Are Training Eagles To Hunt Down Drones.

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The Dutch police department are getting many questions from all around the world about their eagles catching drones. Sunday was there a video released by a Dutch television company. “It’s a madness” said Dennis Janus about the many questions that have arrived in recent days.

“We haven’t experienced anything like this before”

Police received responses from Brazil, Chile, India, Australia, Canada, the US , Poland, England, Germany and France. The images have also aroused worldwide attention.
The eagle is one of the weapons the police plans on using against abusive use of drones by criminals and terrorist. Today the Netherlands is the only country that uses these methods.

And the eagles are only one of the possible countermeasures. Other methods are considered to be more high-tech, such as sophisticated detection and equipment to take over the control of drones at a certain distance. One of the options is to use a drone that can catch an enemy drone by shooting a net.

Check out the video:

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