Dog Can Finally Run Through 3D Printed Front Legs.


Derby can enjoy his dog life again despite his handicap. He received two 3D printed prosthetic supporting his front paws.

Since his birth Derby has two small front legs and no footpads. His future didn’t looked very promising, but when he was adopted last year by Tara Anderson of the Peace and Paws Dog Rescue, there was change.

Because Tara is also manager of a firm that specializes in 3D printing, she could have two prostheses for Derby. First they made a model of rubber, but this caused Derby to walk only low on the ground. After some remeasuring they devised a new model that somewhat reminiscent of the human knee which was made with lasers.

Derby is more than happy with the final result; he can finally sit, walk with his back straight and run laps on any kind of surface. The core values ​​for a happy dog ​​life.

Check out the good vibe video:

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