Yesterday it was 15 years since the world changed forever, On September 11 at 8:46 pm a plane drilled in one of the Twin Towers in New York. People thought at that time that it was an accident until seventeen minutes later a second plane flew into the other tower.

At the spot where the Twin Towers once stood a memorial is placed. The memorial at Ground Zero consists of two water basins. Lying on the spot where the towers once stood.

2-security-at-9-11-memorialIt was opened five years ago and has since become a popular attraction.
New York built a new skyscraper the ‘One World Trade Center‘ and in next documentary ‘RISE’ we get to know a few ironworkers who have worked on the new tower and tell their story about 9/11. These brave people certainly have no fear of heights.

picture_vk_vkmag_docu_rise_02Check out the touching Documentary.

RISE from TIME Video on Vimeo.

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