How to deal with a dept collector, people wondering. We all don’t like it and specially when they visit your house. Here are some good tips for you.

Wondering how to fix your debt easy? Here’s some handy tricks that definitely work. Brandon Wilson is a debt collector and people own him all around the US 3.3billion dollars.
This is how you can fix your bad debt Brandon grew up in the projects around the Boston area, ended up going to prison for 10 years. Arm robbery and some other things that Brandon went in jail for. When he got out, he got a job at the collection agency. The year later he opened his own one.

Over the last 18 years, Brandon made about 10 million dollars doing this. So what do you do when they call you? Jessica Brooks, credit expert in NYC Department of Consumer Affairs will explain everything in the video below. Thanks to Vice News!

Step 1: Don’t acknowledge anything, keep yourself calm.
So let’s sum up the facts! The debt collector’s job is to get you to pay as much money as quick as possible. And usually scare tactics is the best way to do that. So try to keep yourself calm in this situation.

Don’t assume that it is actually you that they are looking for. Don’t agree that you own the money, don’t agree that you might think you own them money. Don’t acknowledge ever even hearing about the dept. Confirm your identity, confirm your address and say: “Send me a bill in writing”.

Step 2: Get the bill in writing.
Is it advised to hand over your own social security number? No, you make them tell that you what they had on their end. And you confirm it! And one more thing, there is no any criminal penalty for owning money. There’s not such thing as debt prisons since 1700.

*Except for unpaid court fees and fines. You can get sued and have your fortune vanished. That means your money is taken directly from your paycheck before you even see it.

Step 3: Never ignore a court summons.
And if you skip the court hearing, you loose automatically. Don’t ever ignore a court summons.



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