David Bowie (69) Singer, Artist And Icon.


Sunday British singer David Bowie died at the age of 69. Having fought one and a half years against cancer, he died two days after his birthday and the release of his latest album Black Star.

Bowie, an artistic all-rounder , a style icon, especially eccentric and above all a pioneer in pop history.
Last Friday the singer celebrated his 69th anniversary with the release of his album Black Star. Bowie did not longer performed for some time. The last performance was at a charity event in New York in 2006.


The artist ‘David Robert Jones’ was born in London in 1947. He broke in the early seventies as a pop singer from England, including in the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.
A rock artist but also a pop star in the US with his fame hit album Young Americans.

On Friday Bowie released his latest work of: the album Black Star that is to be even better received than previous album The Next Day. Two days later the singer dies, surrounded by his loved ones, to the effects of cancer. Eighteen months the singer fought secretly against the disease. Shortly after the album is released, it is done. As if he had just waited for it.

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