Cricketer Asks Journalist Live On TV And Get Fined.

chris gayle

The Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle Does something unusual during an interview with the journalist and asks on live to go out with her for a drink . His action is not appreciated.

The flirtation cost him a fine of approximately $7000.

His club, the Melbourne Renegades in Australia, said it was unacceptable behavior and comments it as “disrespectful”. His club has formally apologized to the journalist in question, Mel McLaughlin.

What exactly happened ? McLaughlin asked Gayle in the rest of the cricket match against Hurricanes something about the aggression in the game of his team. The leader of the Renegades decided to start talking about something completely different: I wanted to win and be interviewed by you. That is why I am here, just to see your eyes for the first time. Hopefully we win this game and then you and I can have a drink. Dont blush, baby.
To which the journalist irritated replied: I do not blush.

The cricketer has let us know now that it was never his intention to make the woman uncomfortable. The journalist says that she has accepted his apology. The penalty for Gayle will be donated to an Australian foundation. The video of the flirt in front of the camera is viewed almost 300,000 times on YouTube.

Check out the video:

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