Conor McGregor Knocks Jose Aldo Out In 13 Seconds !?


We were all excited about this UFC Fight the Irish beast Conor McGregor Vs the Brazilian sherdog Jose Aldo. At the Weight-in staredowns there was already a lot of friction between the two.

Everybody expected a long fight between McGregor and Aldo but the unexpected came at a lightning 13 seconds when McGregor made a straight punch at Aldo’s nose when he missed his blow.

“Jose has been a phenomenal champion. It would’ve been nice if the contest had of stretched out a little bit longer just for all that it’s been through, but I still feel the same process would’ve happened. Timing beats speed; precision beats power. That’s it. I respect Jose. I wish him well, but now we are on to the next chapter.”

Aldo Said that he wants a rematch and that will be his fight, he will be back.
But looking at the forecasts an immediate rematch seems unlikely for Aldo and McGregor.

We have a former champion and a new champion congrats to McGregor and too bad too sad for Aldo that had to lose this short fight.

Check out the short but powerful fight:

The interview after the fight:

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