Charlie Sheen confesses he’s HIV positive.

charlie sheen

This morning Charlie Sheen was in an exclusive interview on TODAY with Matt Lauer.
As we know there is always something happening around Mr Sheen, but this time he had to admit a thing that has been going on in his personal life.

I’m here to admit that i’m in fact HIV positive

Charlie told Matt that he have to put a stop to this mirage of attacks of sub truths.
About 4 years ago Charlie was diagnosed with the virus, he says; it started with series of cluster headaches and isane migraines. I was emerging hospitalized, i thought it was over.

4 years Charlie tried to keep this secret and a lot of people who knew about his secret, demanded money from Charlie to stay silent. I don’t know how many people i payed,
but enough to bring it into the millions.

At least at one occasion Charlie had a prostitute come over to his house who after a sexual encounter went into his bathroom and with a cell phone took an image of his antiretroviral medication and threaten him to sell that image to the tabloids.

Matt asked; They kept coming to your house, they kept gaining information that they then used to extort you and yet you continue the behavior, you kept bringing these unsavory types to your house ? 

Charlie told, I was so depressed by the condition that i was in, i was doing too much drugs and i was drinking too much and i was making really bad decisions.

Poor Charlie Sheen,We hope he will get back on his feet and does conquer this disease, at least he’s being honest.

See the full interview below:

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