The CES 2017 is already full of sensational revelations and great new gadgets.
This prototype of Razer can certainly added. If Razer lives up to expectations, this is an essential addition for hardcore gamers!

Project Ariana seems at first glance a rather ordinary projector that you can connect to your little computer. Project Ariana Projects into the whole wall additional images and information while you are gaming. The experience becomes extremely intense and comes closer than normal. You’re in the middle of the game without the need of Virtual-Reality Glasses!

Razer may create this effect by making use of the so-called ‘fisheye’ lenses that are able to extremely widely project at an angle of 155 degrees. The device is also equipped with two depth-sensitive 3D cameras that make the images perfectly suited to the images that you see from your PC. The screen space can be fully dedicated to the game and there is no space lost on secondary issues.

We look forward, the pictures do not lie in any case!

Check out the video.

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