Little Buddy (2) and Labradoodle Reagan (Reagandoodle) are best friends, that’s for sure. On Instagram they have hundreds of thousands of followers and the two are doing really everything together.

Buddy was eight months old when he was adopted by the Swiridoff family, and since then He and Reagan (Labradoodle in the family) are inseparable. Buddy wears a Hawaiian shirt? Then Reagan does. He takes a bath? Then Reagan lends a hand.
Name it, and they do it together.

And that story needs to be told, says Buddy’s’ adoptive grandmother, which now bundles all pictures in a book. Proceeds go to the ‘Foster Parents Night Out ‘Foundation, an organization dedicated to adopted children.

Check Out the sweetest pictures you’ll see today

Good to the last drop. 🐶❤️👶🏼

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Today is Monday and tomorrow is Election Day. Better make my latte a double. 😉☕️

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Lick or Treat! 🎃🐻 I’m a tad bit early, but I could bearly wait. 🍭🍡🍫🍬

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