Richard Browning, a British inventor and entrepreneur, has developed a kind of Iron Man suit that he can fly just above the ground.

The ‘jetpack’ consists of a light exoskeleton, or outer skeleton, and six jet engines which runs on kerosene. The suit named Daedulus should allow users to fly hundreds of kilometers per hour. But to date, this option is not yet tested.

The project was developed in 2016 and got off the ground. Browning compares learning to control the suit with learning driving a bike or helicopter. The suit can go in six directions: up, down, left, right, forward and backward. As the inventor he says it takes a little practice before the driver knows what is possible, but after some training it will be clear how the system works.

Because accidents can happen with an Iron Man suit, it is equipped with a small display that can show for example how the levels are with the kerosene. So it should have been prevented for someone to crash. This display uses Wi-Fi to stay in touch with the kerosene level.

Although it only shows that the package plane can hover above the ground, Browning claims that it is already able to fly above the ground much higher than in the video. It could match just flying like Iron Man and still go pretty fast, says the inventor to CNET.

It is of interest to the carrier that the muscles are trained for the jetpack. Without strong muscles the suit would be to unmanageable. To get the suit off the ground, the driver must also hold down a button at all times.

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