Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Plays The 36th President Of The US In HBO’s ‘All The Way’.

all the way

The 36th president of the United States arrived in the Oval Office because President Kennedy was assassinated. Lyndon B. Johnson was inaugurated at twelve kilometers altitude and was a president who fought for civil rights, was known for his social policy and step up against environmental pollution.

HBO has made a film about the skilled politician, which includes having a skilled actor.
No less than Heisenberg a.k.a. Bryan Cranston will play the role. He plays after his phenomenal rendition of a drug dealer affected by cancer and now a formidable president.

The trailer promises a lot of good and makes us immediately think of House of Cards.
But without killings, sneaky games and Frank Underwood. A good story and top performers always provide film to lick your fingers and “All the Way” is definitely one of them.
We can not wait for the movie on 21 May.

Check out the video:

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