Boy Throwing Eggs At His Mother For A Year.

Eggs b

Many people bake or cook their eggs. This joker has a different approach. last year he threw eggs at his mother, just for fun, and laid it onto camera.
Within 17 hours the video had 15 million views. Unfortunately for the author, “Jamie” his mother catches almost every egg.

And that still seems quite difficult. The boy says his mother was always working on something else and not paying attention before he throws the egg to her.
For example, if she sat quietly on the couch, eating breakfast or just walking into the house.

Miraculously, the reflexes of mothers are fast and she can catch almost any unexpected egg. In the video we see that her son thirteen times gives it a try. Only once she let the egg slip out of her hands.

It is unclear whether she can appreciate the joke of her child. At the end of the video we hear her scold “Every fucking day..”


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