Boy Climbs Egyptian Pyramid Illegally.

teen climbs great pyramid of Giza

A German tourist escaped a hefty penalty in Egypt last week. The 18-year-old Andrej Ciesielski climbed the 4500-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza, which is absolutely forbidden. But he got away.

The German knew that he could not climb the pyramid, but decided to do his plan anyway. On his blog he wrote: I waited for the right moment to begin the climb, when I started there was a street vendor behind me, but I didn’t mind him.

german_photographer_climbs_the_great_pyramid_of_giza_and_captures_it_all_1Other people noticed Ciesielski, and called the police. When he was down again, the German was waiting by officers taken to a police station.

“They asked me questions and I had to show my photographs and filming.”

It ended up well for the adventurer. “They first wanted to bring me to the German Embassy, but after a while I was released without without any consequences”

Check out the cool video:

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