Black Ops 3’s Realistic Mode

call of duty realistic mod

It is the hardest realistic single-player mode, you can do it in co-op as well. But pretty much one bullet will kill you almost every time.

It’s old school Goldeneye guy with a golden gun shoots you in one shot. You start in a room where you can change your weapons, it’s basically a safety-zone.


Conclusion, a glorified menu and it’s actually really neat. When you’re ready, you’re entering a battle and it’s really fun to start. After the intro video is loaded, you get a scene where this random guy disrespects you and you stab him in the arm.

Sometime’s you don’t know what it is, when you die. It can be a grenade or it might be a bullet. You die instantly, don’t expect to last for 1 minute in the warzone when you play this mode for the first time.  The only way you can make much progress is to hide yourself well.

When your allies can see the enemy, you can see them on your screen too. And that’s why Call of Duty Ops 3 has a 4 players co-op. Cause you’re supposed to spread out and this will give a beneficial tactical view on your enemies.

If you have more stuff unlocked, your gun becomes stronger and will have penetrating rounds. So even the odds are a little bit, you’ll still have this feeling that it’s not fair. If you play with 4 players you can revive each other. That’s hard, cause it takes a few seconds and everyone is shooting at you. It’s defiantly a high-stress action situation.

You can earn multiple trophies. For example, for not hiding well!


It’s basically a crash course in how many ways you can die in combat. The realistic mode gives you different powers on your profile, depends what choice you make. So you can have abilities to turn yourself invisible, revive your friend and go back to a hidden safety spot. But, before you can choose these abilities, you have to rank yourself up to get certain profiles.

Check out the full walkthrough video and enjoy. Only for real fans, of course!

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