Birdman And Lil Wayne Reunite: ‘IT’S YMCMB FOR LIFE’

wayne birdman reunite

Remember the beef between Lil Wayne and Birdman? They both separated 1 year ago and were fighting against each other on social media.

Suprisingly, Birdman and Wayne introduced themself like a happy couple. On Sunday night (Jan. 17), Birdman took the stage at LIV nightclub in Miami alongside Weezy in a show of solidarity.

“This my motherfuckin’ son and I’ma die for him, I’ma live for him, and I’ll motherfuckin’ kill for him, ya heard me?” he said. “That ain’t gon’ never change. It’s YMCMB for life.”

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Birdman says that his little son Weezy will be always a part of his family and he will die, kill and fight for him. Lil Wayne didn’t said a word on stage, matter fact he started to perform the oldschool hit: “Stuntin like my daddy”

Drake started to join the crew by posting a photo on Instagram with a big pile of money as a emoji.

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