Baby Elephant Follows His Rescuer Really Everywhere.


Elephant Moyo was only a few days old when he was rescued from drowning.
The little elephant had lost his family and was collected by Roxy Danckwerts.
The owner of an animal shelter in Zimbabwe becomes his everything and Moyo follows his rescuer really everywhere. The Elephant doesn’t know notice that he is somewhat grown.

Everywhere Danckwerts go, Moyo follows her. In the beginning, it often went well.
But Moyo is now 14 months old and a bit bigger. Whereby the enthusiastic creature creates a lot of unrest in the house. Nor does the elephant knows his own strength.

But the little Moyo really can not do without his caregiver and remains by her side.
But who would not want a sweet little elephant as a pet?
See the entire story of Moyo below.

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