Yesterday Apple presented the latest MacBook Pro in Silicon Valley, one with a touch screen on the keyboard.

The touch screen is the place where normal function keys like ‘Escape’ and the F-keys are.
During the presentation, Apple chief executive Phil Schiller said that change the icons on the so-called ‘Touch Bar’, depending on how the software that is being used.
For example, there may be references to stand for popular sites.

see-which-3rd-party-apps-will-support-apple039s-new-macbook-pro-touch-barYet something nifty: the touchscreen can also display word suggestions, like the iPhone already does. You can also scroll through tabs and photographs. And if that’s not enough: the device has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner so that your MacBook Pro can be secured.

apple-macbook-pro-touch-bar-interface-designboom-1800The new MacBook Pro is available in silver and gray, with the choice between a 13 and 15 inch screen. If you want to buy one, you might have to dig deep into your own pockets:
the amazing device starts from a retail price of $1,499.00

Check out the video

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