Airline Passenger Sees Mysterious Figure In Clouds.


The Irish Nick O’Donghue sat quietly looking out his airplane window when he was ten kilometers above and saw a mysterious figure in the sky. He took pictures of the figure and placed it on social media. Since then, an intense debate is in progress, what is it?

The man saw the mysterious figure in the air during his flight from Austria to Cork.
He used his phone to take a few photos and shared that on Imgur.

“I was on a skiing holiday in Austria and sat by the window. Two colleagues sitting next to me to talk continuously. I got a bit tired so I sat there staring out the window. I saw the figure about two minutes, then disappeared. It looked like a Michelin man. But to be honest, I have no idea what it is” he adds.

8jyuqltlMost people on social media think it’s the clouds that make up the special character. A few people think of an alien. What do you think ?


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