After Self-Driving Car, Now Self-Flying Aircraft.


While automakers and tech companies are in full commitment to the development of self-driving cars, there is in Austria a prototype of a self-flying aircraft being built.

The company Diamond Aircraft has managed recently for the first time to fly independently in a twin-engine plane. The aircraft manufacturer has developed technology to an aircraft, in case of an emergency, to search for a nearby airport and without allowing the deployment of a pilot.

The advanced system sees when a pilot loses consciousness, such as lack of oxygen.
At that time, the technique takes over on a whole, by sending it to an airport control device, where the emergency services are alerted automatically. Which can then immediately after landing provide the necessary first aid.

Of course, the system does not work with serious technical problems like a failure of the motors or other serious damage to the unit. In that case, leave with a huge parachute unit to make a “soft” landing.

Check out the video:

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