Adele Trolls a Group Of Adele Impersonators.

hello its really me watch adele prank her impersonators

Adele is known for her beautiful powerful singing and of course her looks.
The BBC with Graham Norton and Adele teamed up, to freak out a group of Adele impersonators.

screen shot 2015-11-21 at 8.58.49 amAdele who was transformed into “Jenny” had a fake nose, a fake chin and has a day job as a nanny. To make it all sound even better she lowered her voice that sound slow and calm.

She was ready to hang out with the other Adele impersonators. At first she introduces herself which she does perfectly, none of the impersonators noticed anything about Jenny.

Adele-Impersonators-640x427Before the real Adele starts to sing on stage, she even throws in some few fake nerves.
And then Grammy award winning Adele start to sing her own song ‘Make you feel my love’.
As soon as “Jenny” starts to sing the impersonators realises that this is not just a impersonator but it’s the real Adele !

“You are joking me ? it’s not, it is, it’s Adele !”

Take a look at the brilliant Adele prank:

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