A “Smart” Version Of Your Bed.

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The app store is full of apps that you can register you asleep, but you’re really serious about your sleep, then just purchase a smart bed.

The smart bed is equipped with various sensors that monitor heart rate, your breathing and resting position are measured. Manufacturer Sleep Number has  presented such a bed on CES2016: It ‘s bed using a corresponding app will analyse your data and you can all set the orientation of the mattress to your personal wishes. the app is also linked to various health and fitness applications.

Quite practical: the special SleepIQ technology ensures that the bed can communicate with other services. This allows for example, the understanding of your agenda and it can modify the recommendations if for example, you have an early appointment.

The “It Bed’ is probably in the summer of 2016 available on the market for about a thousand dollars.

Check out the video:

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